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Search Engine Optimization Domination!

Discover the SEO Professional's Secrets for getting Huge Numbers of Free Web Site Visitors from Top "Organic" Search Engine Positions

How important is "SEO" to your success?

Professional Site Optimization can make the difference between your business making money and losing money.

Simple - Traffic, aka real human visitors looking for what your site offers.

A well optimized web site can achieve a high rank for the chosen keywords in the "organic" [i.e. free] search engine results and this can bring your site LOTS of visitors, for no cost..

You can pay for visitors using "PPC" [pay per click] advertising programs, like Google Adsense, Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva, Kanoodle, ExactSeek etc., but you have to pay for each visitor. When you are first starting your business, keeping advertising overheads to a minimum can make all the difference in the world between making a profit and not..

What is Domino SEO?

We make websites for a living. We know how to get traffic, both paid and free from SEO.

This site is here to share our extensive knowledge and the tools we use.

Our mission is to help you find the tools that work and cut out the crap that doesn't, because there's a lot..


We've broken down the tools and knowledge that you need in to simple categories to help you find exactly what you need now:

1 - Site Builders | 2 - Keywords | 3 - Blogging | 4 - Linking
5 - SEO Training | 6 - Hosting | 7 - SEO Services | 8 - SEO Articles

You can skip to the section you need right now, or go through them in order, it's your choice.

New: Aug 9th '07 - One Way Linking:
How to win the linking game with high Pagerank targeted one way backlinks

Are these SEO Resources any good?

All of the SEO Tools, Courses, Utilities and Resources detailed on have been used by us for our web sites business. In fact we are still using the majority of these web site resources today for new sites we are building.

We design and set-up literally hundreds of new web sites for our business each month, so we are constantly testing out new SEO tools and techniques to see which work and which suck..

Proof that we know what we're doing?

We haven't set up this site to tout for "SEO" [search engine optimization] business, we tend to be too busy building our own sites to spend much time consulting on sites for other people, however, we have recently decided to offer a limited number of consultations each month and to offer a number of our own select SEO services.

You can find more details of what we offer on the SEO Services Page.

We do know what we're doing though, click on the image below to see a bigger version and you'll see that one of our sites,, is ranked third in Google for the term "keyword Service" which has over 190 million competing sites/pages..

If you're looking for top notch SEO advice, we would highly recommend signing up for Jerry West's Web Marketing Now service, it has by far the best SEO advice we have come across. We've also met Jerry and he really does know his stuff.

If you want to get the best tool on the market (IMHO) for SEO optimization, go take a look at SEO Elite, we've used it succesfully for a long while. It works. 'nuff said.

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We hate spam as much as you do, so we will not share your email address with anyone else, nor will we send loads of useless email just pushing every new thing that hits the market. We will only get in touch with you when there is something worth talking about, i.e. a new system, tool or resource that we are finding useful..

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